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What is the Prayer Resource Network?

The purpose of our Prayer Resource Network is to connect those who provide Christian prayer resources and services with people all over the world who are looking for them.  It is a service of the Prayer Ideas.org website, which provides free prayer ideas to prayer leaders and those wanting to know more about prayer in every denomination.

Who are Prayer Resource Providers?

Prayer Resource Providers are Christian groups, individuals, businesses or ministries who provide a resource or a service connected with prayer  These include authors, retreat leaders, musicians, artists, inspirational speakers, study series writers, bookstores, prayer and retreat centers, or those who supply prayer products such as beads, crosses, furnishings, calendars, etc.

What is on the Prayer Resource Network?

A large variety of useful products, services and venues are available on the prayer resource network, whether you’re looking for a retreat speaker on prayer, meditational music or a prayer shawl.  Here is a sample list:

Written materials:

Group study materials and guides

Speaking and personal appearances:

Speakers who make in-person appearances
Seminar Leaders
Retreat leaders
T.V. guests
Radio guests
Leaders of Webinars
Podcast providers
Special prayer ministry and crusade leaders such as healing etc
Guests who do dramatic presentations and shows

Media products on prayer:

DVDs or videos
Prayer group software


Musical performers and praise leaders
Recordings of meditational music
Sheet music and song books, such as Taize


Retreat facilities
Places of prayer or prayer chapels
Book Stores
Gift Shops
Prayer attractions and shrines
Prayer centers

Providers of prayer aids and supplies:

Prayer beads
Prayer jewelry
Prayer shawls or blankets
Prayer calendars
Prayer furnishing such as kneelers, candles, crosses, etc.
Prayer cards
Prayer artwork, including icons
Anointing oil
Children’s prayer supplies such as prayer dolls, coloring books, etc.


Prayer mentorship/spiritual direction
Publishing services
Prayer based counseling services
Prayer fellowships and intercessory prayer groups
Children’s programs

What are the Benefits of joining the Prayer Resource Network?

The Prayer Resource Network is an excellent way to take advantage of the powerful networking and publicity opportunities available on the Internet.  The Prayer Resource Network offers a targeted approach to informing prayer leaders and those who want to learn more about prayer about your ministry, group or business.  For a small yearly donation we enable you to showcase your services while easily establishing a valuable online presence.  In addition to receiving services for your ministry or business, the small donation also makes a valuable contribution to God’s Kingdom by helping underwrite the mission of Prayer Igniters International of increasing and encouraging prayer.

The benefits of the yearly listing:

  • One full year listing on our site gives you exposure your audience 24/7 worldwide
  • Easy to use online format that you can fill out to create your own unique resource page.  You can update and change your listing whenever needed.
  • Ability to download photos
  • Free links to your personal websites, videos, etc.
  • Ample space to fully describe your products and services
  • Free comprehensive review of your product, artwork, music or book written by one of our content editors and posted in our Prayer Resources section of PrayerIdeas.org
  • Opportunity to post content entries on the Prayer Ideas website that will introduce users to who you are, showcase your expertise in prayer, build your resume and have your name and ideas picked up by Internet search engines such as Google.
  • Inclusion of your business or ministry name and products in our site search engine
  • Listing on two websites for the price of one.���������� The PrayerIdeas.org reaches prayer leaders and those wanting to learn more about prayer and the PrayerIgniters.Org website serves prayer leaders of all denominations.

What are the criteria for being listed on the Prayer Resource Network?

Christian. To be listed you must be a Christian individual, group or business as defined by the basic common Biblical beliefs centering on Jesus Christ as God’s son.  To see more specifics on Christianity, please see our statement of beliefs.

Related to prayer.  You should provide a service or product related to prayer or the practice of prayer.  Products do not need to exclusively focus on prayer but should have some connection to prayer.  For instance, a personal testimony book of someone’s life may not be grouped on the library shelf under prayer, however if there are chapters or passages that tell about prayer experiences, answered prayer, prayer struggles, etc. then it will be of interest to our users.

Donation. The yearly donation for listing helps us continue to operate our website for those who want to learn more about prayer.  The 2010 suggested yearly donation is $50.00.  For individuals or for small or new ministries, lesser donations may be made.

How do I become listed?

Listings will be taken beginning the winter of 2010 when the PrayerIdeas.org website will go live.  To sign up, follow the links to the creation page where you be prompted to fill in your information on an easy-to-use online form.

If you have questions, email us at premiumproviders@prayerigniters.org