What We Offer

Global Prayer Missions

The Prayer Igniters Global Prayer Missions program offers prayer mission trips and prayer partnerships that connect Christians together through prayer.

Widen your prayer circle worldwide

Prayer has the mysterious ability to span the globe in a split second of time and can greatly affect people across borders on different sides of the earth.  Prayer acts as a unifying force for good and through it we can support those well outside of our physical reach.  The Global Outreach program seeks to enhance this power of prayer by encouraging a more direct bond between Christians everywhere by forming meaningful personal connections between those near and far who support one another in prayer.

Through prayer partnerships, correspondence and mission trips we facilitate the exchange of prayer itself, as well as the exchange of prayer ideas, resources and training between Christians in different countries and cultures.  Engaging in prayer mission deepens our own prayer lives as we are exposed to challenges that invigorate and empower us as we learn to rely more closely on God’s provisions through prayer.  We also are blessed with fresh perspectives into life, faith and prayer from those of other cultures.

Choose your level of involvement

You don’t have to be able to travel to be a vital part of our Global prayer outreach.  Here are the different levels of involvement that may be just right for you or your group. 

Level 1: Pray for an increase in prayer in your chosen mission area.  Learn about the religious backgrounds, cultural conditions, social trends and the challenges faced by churches in your chosen mission country.

Level 2: Correspond via mail, email or newsletters with Christian prayer leaders, ministries, prayer groups or evangelists in a foreign country in order to support them through prayer.

Level 3: Participate in a prayer mission trip to encourage and increase prayer in the chosen outreach area.

Travel on prayer mission trips

The activities on prayer mission trips will vary according to the needs of the local area and the skills and callings of those traveling on the trip.  The one thing that is always the same on every mission is that we go with open hearts and minds knowing that our own prayer horizons will be greatly expanded by those we meet.

Sample Ideas of Mission Activities

Connect with local prayer leaders: Identify, meet, pray with and encourage those with hearts for prayer and provide them with prayer materials, ideas and inspiration.

Pray: Engage in prayer meetings, walks and vigils in the outreach area or organize specialized prayer teams focusing on interceding for the sick, economic conditions, peace, revival, etc.

Hold events: Host prayer events, seminars or vigils.

Personal prayer visits: Visit in homes, institutions, orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes etc. to pray for the needs of residents.

Children’s Bible school: Teach children’s Bible School focusing on prayer that also educates parents through take- home sheets that explain what their children have learned.

Build or restore a prayer chapel: Help establish, restore or build places of prayer such as a prayer room  in an institution, a prayer chapel on a campus or a prayer garden.

Act as a prayer reporter: Gather information about prayer groups, practices, places of prayer, true stories of answered prayer etc. in a foreign locale and post it on the Prayer Ideas website.

Teach, train, fellowship, learn: Offer or attend educational prayer programs for ministers, religious leaders or lay groups.

Find prayer resource materials to use internationally

Prayer Igniters International facilitates the sharing of prayer materials for international use.  Currently available to our members:

A Fun Way to Teach Children – And Parents –  About Prayer in Spanish

What does a picture of Jesus helping a child ride a bike have to do with prayer?  That’s the question the parents of these children in Toromuerto, Honduras might wonder when their children bring home these pictures they are coloring in Bible school.  Their parents can turn over the paper and they���ll find a summary of what the children learned about prayer – when we talk to God in prayer He gives us good things and helps us.

On the top of the coloring page there’s a simple matching game where the children are asked to draw a line to pictures of objects that would make good gifts for either a mother or her baby.  A toy clown?  That would be a good gift for a baby.  A purse?  The mother would like that.  This helps the children think about the scripture on prayer from Matthew 7:11  “If parents know how to give good gifts to their children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him.”

Many of the children in this picture had never done a simple matching game where you draw a line between things that go together.   Some of them had never actually had the means to go to a store to choose a gift for someone.  And coloring with colored pencils instead of crayons might have been new to them as well. Most had seen bikes, but perhaps had never owned one.  By using a coloring activity sheet, the children were able to have fun while learning new ideas about prayer.

This resource was developed by Karen Barber in connection with the Kid’s Prayer Power version of her Personal Prayer Power study series.  To access our Members Page where you can download this free material, simply fill out the free membership form for Prayer Igniters online and join us today!