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To join us simply fill out the online registration form.  There are no membership fees or charges of any kind.  The purpose of joining is to enable us to know more about you so we can better serve your needs and the needs of the prayer community.

Once you register, you’ll receive a password that will allow online access to all of the Prayer Igniters International original copyrighted materials on a broad range of prayer leadership topics written and developed by outstanding Christian authors, speakers, leaders and ministers.

Privileges of Membership

Your free membership includes:

  1. Free online access to our “members only” Prayer Igniter materials.
  2. Periodic personal receipt of inspirational messages, invitations to special events and newsletters.
  3. The privilege of submitting prayer ideas, book reviews, true inspirational personal stories, prayer resources and places of prayer on the Prayer Ideas.org website.
  4. The ability to express your opinions and needs in our focus groups and surveys to help us discover how we can better serve our users.   When you share this information it helps us track who our users are, where they’re located geographically, how well we’re reaching those we  serve and how we’re doing in reaching our ministry goals.
  5. Eligibility to participate in meaningful ministry opportunities as one of our volunteers.  Registration is also a necessary step in networking your prayer ministry by becoming listed as a on the Prayer Resource Network.
  6. The joy of being a “Prayer Igniter” who helps spark and nurture prayer in the lives of others to bring them into closer communion with God and His gifts of refuge, love, encouragement and peace.

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Privacy policy:

All information received will be solely used by the nonprofit ministry Prayer Igniters International Inc.   It is against the policies of the Board of Trustees of Prayer Igniters International to sell, share or grant access to member information data to any other nonprofit or for-profit entity.

Prayer Resource Network

As a service to our users looking for prayer resources we list individuals, groups, ministries and businesses providing services and products to the prayer community as member of our Payer Resource Network on the PrayerIdeas.org website.  For a small yearly donation providers can reach their potential audience and customers by posting detailed listings of their contact information, links, products and ministry services.

Those on the Prayer Resource Network include:


Prayer Study Creators

Prayer Ministries

Speakers and Teachers

Seminar and Retreat Leaders



Prayer Centers and Retreat Centers

Spiritual Growth Programs

Prayer Aids Suppliers (such as prayer calendars, journals, kneelers, beads, shawls, crosses, etc.)


For more information on joining the Prayer Resource Network click here.  (Prayer Resource Network )